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A unique place demands unique ways to visit.

A place for the adventurous seeking a truly wild experience.  Glamping in army trucks and tents in the heart of a 2000 acre rewilding project where iron-age pigs, exmoor ponies and white park cattle roam free. Ideal for 3 families who want to escape the humdrum of daily life and let nature take hold.  

Complete with an outdoor kitchen, loo and shower.

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Bradmoor Woods is ideal for family and friends gathering together. Birthdays, anniversaries… but also yoga and other retreats, forest schools, bushcraft, summer camps.  Just about anyone who loves the idea of getting back to nature and living amongst it. The idea is that there can be a lot of you there but you’re not all falling over each other.

All of our camping takes place in our specially built camping structures that encourage you to run, play and enjoy the best that this incredible countryside has to offer. Pick whether you want to sleep in one of our Bird Houses, a Silo, an old Railway Carriage, the Dorm Teepee or an upturned hull named Xenia, hidden deep in the woods next to a glade.

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