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Eggs & Produce

Our Wild Hens

Our beautiful black Plymouth Rock hens live completely free range in open pasture with our sheep. They are free to roam field to field, far and wide, to forage and thrive on the variety of tasty insects and vegetation they come across.

We check on them everyday, collect the eggs and supplement their wild diet with a little grain to make sure they are getting the balance and nutrition they need through the year. Our hens roost and lay in specially converted trailers with daylight opening doors for maximum foraging time but protected from predators.

Knowing your eggs are from hens who are truly free range and taste fantastic due to their wild lifestyle is a win win. The proof is in the pan. We hope you like them and come back for more.

To order our Wild Eggs please contact us here



We started growing blueberries in 2020, and are expecting a first small crop in the summer of 2021. The project was devised as part of a cooperative venture alongside several other East Anglian farmers and a large European vegetable and fruit processor.


The aim is to supplant the 10,000 tonnes of imported frozen blueberries that are shipped from South America. This will be accomplished by machine harvesting, and maximising yields, that will allow us to compete with the low cost of imported fruit. 


Getting to this scale will take time and require many growers through the county. In the mean time we are growing our bushes, expanding our production and selling into the UK fresh market, mainly in a wholesale capacity, but with some local packed produce available through Swaffham market, veg boxes, and direct from the farm office.

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