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Westacre Estate

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Managing Westacre

Thinking of Westacre Estate as a whole

Our aim, first and foremost, is to leave things in a better state than that which we first found them.


Both for the humans who live in, work on, and enjoy the estate, and for the environment and natural world that we live within.  


In some areas this is tricky, as much of Westacre is in good health and has been carefully managed for generations, in others its easier. But secondly, to never go bust while achieving these goals…

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Our mission

The Westacre Estate is not just a piece of land but a home for everything on it. 

As owners and managers of this piece of Norfolk it is our job to encourage the development along lines that enhance life not degrade it.


We share this responsibility with the many people and businesses that occupy Westacre with us. 


We hope that we act as a positive mediator and guide, enabling so many dimensions to integrate successfully and create a diverse and exciting environment for us all.

This website will hopefully give you a good picture of the many facets of the Westacre estate that make it an interesting and enjoyable place to work.


We strive to continually upgrade our housing stock so that the homes we supply meet the ever improving standards of modern living. Making full use of the many buildings so that our rural community can move with the times and remain vibrant. 


We strive to grow our woodland and wild spaces, through the new rewilding zone and other more traditional conservation measures to provide true balance for the experience of life.


Within our farming enterprise we scramble to maintain a balance between output and environmental improvement, profitability and bankruptcy! This really is a balancing act as there is no quick fix in farming and land management. We aspire to the highest standards, both in terms of environmental impact and crop yields, we are currently managing this balancing act by deep integration between a myriad of partners who enable us to run a mixed farm, producing sheep, pigs, chickens for meat and eggs, geese, turkeys, potatoes, onions, parsnips, and blueberries, as well as the more traditional and core output of wheat, barley, peas, maize and sugar beet, and now chick peas too!

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